links 3.28.11

Goldman On Ireland And Paddy Paper: “Expect High Volatility” (Zero Hedge)

Guest Post: Why The European Union Is Doomed (Zero Hedge)

Euro May Extend Its Recent Decline, Commerzbank Says: Technical Analysis (Bloomberg)

Euro Speculative Longs Increase Slightly (DailyFX)

Euro economists expect Greek default (BBC)

Short dollars does not support the EURO (Oanda Forex Blog)

Being Ben Bernanke (FT Alphaville)

Investing Like It’s 1999: New Dot-Com Bubble (NY Times)

The Day When the Debt Comes Due — Economic View (NY Times)

10 Emerging Stories You Need To Start Watching Right Now (Business Insider)

Time for Plan B: Our Civilization Is on the Edge of a Systemic Breakdown (AlterNet)

Cyber war a real threat to U.S. (LA Times)

Will Financial Problems In Portugal Cause The European Debt Crisis To Spiral Out Of Control? (Economic Collapse)


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