links 4.13.04

FX Concepts’ John Taylor: The Recession Is Coming This Year, And Stocks Will Tank Starting In June (Business Insider)

Dollar remains Fools Gold (Oanda)

The Dollar Index: The Down Trend is Intact (Technical Take)

The Bias to Sell US Dollars Remains (Daily Reckoning)

The Hardest Working Countries In The World (Business Insider)

Forex Recruits Find There’s Money to Be Made in Forex (WSJ)

Why Is Silver Rising Faster Than Gold? (Safehaven)

The next European crisis: boat people (The Economist)

The Rise Of Consumer Confidence (Milo)

Guest Post: FBI Raids Chuck E. Cheese For “Undermining U.S. Currency” (Zero Hedge)

Afghanistan Opium [Infographic] (

The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters (Business Pundit)

US police increasingly peeping at e-mail, instant messages (Techworld)

Spanish Situation Worse Than Expected: China Rumored To Inject $13 Billion Directly Into Spanish Banks (Zero Hedge)

10 Most Challenged Books of 2010: Gay Penguins, Vegetarian Vampires, Drunk Parents, and More (The Atlantic)

Is Goldman, Wall Street’s Biggest Commodities Bull, Hanging Up the Horns? (CNBC)

Some market discipline for economists (Guardian)

Bloggers take legal action over Huffington Post sale (Guardian)

Laser cut dollar bill skull art by Scott Campbell (The Chive)


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