Links 5.7.11

Today’s links:

Housing crash is getting worse (MarketWatch)

Goldman’s Explanation On The EURUSD Plunge: “Ooooops!” (Zero Hedge)

Goldman’s NFP Take (Zero Hedge)

Flash Crash – The Call Redux — A Fictional Look at the May 6, 2010 Market Crash ((Zero Hedge)

The Inevitability of a Greek Default (NT Times)

Euro Whacked by Reports that Greece May Leave the Eurozone? (Naked Capitalism)

The Greek Debt Crisis Escalates: Is Greece Threatening To Leave The Euro? (Economic Collapse Blog)

Americans Gone Wild (Economic Collapse Blog)

What does Jim Rogers think about the silver crash? (Credit Writedowns)

Freefall in Silver, What’s Next? (Safe Haven)

The Only Commodity We Care About Is Bacon (Lolfed)

This Guy Made $120k In One Day Selling ‘Bin Laden Is Dead’ T-Shirts (Business Insider)

Bank of England holds interest rates as UK economy suffers biggest drop in growth since Lehman collapse (Telegraph)

Moon Microbe Mystery Finally Solved (Yahoo! News)

Photos: Space Suit Evolution Since First NASA Flight (National Geographic)


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