Links 5.16.11

John Taylor: “The Nice Risk Rally Since The First Half Of 2009 Is Ending” And Will Be Replaced By A “Scary Descent” (Zero Hedge)

The Coming Euro Crack-Up (The Weekly Standard)

Greece Defaulting on Debts Anticipated by 85% in Global Poll of Investors (Bloomberg)

The ECB’s Three Mistakes in the Greek Debt Crisis (Jeff Frankels Weblog)

Shanky’s Daily Stuff (Shanky’s Tech Blog)

Silver Action a Reminder of the Risks of the Paper Market (Safe Haven)

Even without Internet at compound, bin Laden had system to send emails and avoid US tracking (The Washington Post)

The new tech bubble (The Economist)

Microsoft Insider: Here’s Why We Bought Skype (Business Insider)

Examining Facebook’s “Smear Campaign” Concerns About Google Social Circles (Search Engine Land)

US to spend $30m fighting internet censorship (The Guardian)

HDR Photography by Thomas Wuhrer (23 pics) (Acidcow)

Why hold a meeting? (9Gag)

Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row (The Guardian)

Debt Crisis Could Still Spread To ‘Core Euro Area,’ IMF Says (Huffington Post)

Australian dollar on the skids (Macro Business)

Inflation rises at fastest rate since October 2008 (CNN)

50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy (Economic Collapse Blog)

Global investors don’t believe U.S. can cut budget deficit substantially without raising taxes, according to new poll (LA Times)

Dollar, worries over Europe erase stock market gains (Delaware Online)

Euro Zone Expands, at Two Speeds (WSJ)

Speculative Long EUR Positions Tumble By 38%, Bullish Bets In Dollar And Yen Rise (Zero Hedge)

What does a trillion dollars look like? (Zero Hedge)

“Fairly Extensive” Porn Collection Found In Bin Laden’s Compound (Business Insider)

Facebook, Foe of Anonymity, Is Forced to Explain a Secret (NY Times)

Space Pictures This Week: Hubble Starburst, Sun Magnetism (National Geographic)

Meanwhile in Asia funny foreigners (The Chive)

EU to unveil Greece and Portugal bail-outs (Telegraph)

IMF Chief Pulled from Plane in New York on Rape Charges; Greece Says “Nothing Changed”; Talks Persist in Brussels; Time to Dissolve IMF (Mish’s Global Econ. Analysis)

Head of IMF Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault (WSJ)

Police Find “Forensic Evidence” Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn In Alleged Sex Assault (Business Insider)

North Korea, Iran trade missile technology (Reuters)

The Global Economy Burns, While its Leaders Fiddle (Zero Hedge)

How to Make Money in Microseconds (LRB)

Wall Street: Not Guilty (BusinessWeek)

8 Amazing, Real-Life Prison Escapes (Modern Man)

‘Secret, dark debates’ fan flames of eurozone turmoil (Telegraph)

An Omnious Looking Market (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Silver — Wanted At $50, Not Wanted At $35 — Time To Call In The Psychiatrists… (Safehaven)

Solar System Scope: Click & Drag your way through the Cosmos (The Big Picture)

Another digital gold rush (The Economist)

5 Things That Aren’t Nearly As Dangerous As Hollywood Thinks (Cracked)

Behind the Scenes Gallery (The Chive)


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