Links 5.20.11

Today’s links:

China Is Now Top Gold Bug (WSJ)

The “Game Over” Redux (zero hedge)

Spain’s Icelandic Revolt; Protests Spread to Italy (Mish’s Global Econ. Analysis)

Making Things in America (NT Times)

Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel (WSJ)

G7 Leads Shift in Forex Reserves (Forex Blog)

You Need To Be Watching What’s Developing In Spain Right Now (Business Insider)

Another Big Spain Problem: Mountains Of Hidden Debt Are About To Be Revealed (Business Insider)

Why Linkedin Sucks (Stone Street Advisors)

Does Milky Way’s Extraterrestrial Environment Effect Earth’s Biology? (Dailygalaxy)

Fool your eyes: Best illusions of 2011 (New Scientist)

College Pranks (19 pics) (AcidCow)

DSK Quits IMF (zero hedge)

Trading Addiction: Wasting Away Your Time and Money (No Brainer Trades)

Silver Investors Should Wait for $28 Buying Opportunity At Dollar Rally End (The Market Oracle)

Is QE setting markets up for a crash? (Macro Business)

Will the US Have a “Debt Crisis”? (Truthout)

A colour-coded guide to the Greek crisis (FT Alphaville)

Some LinkedIn Lessons & Implications (Bloomberg)

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd Discusses QE3… And QE4…. And QE5 (zero hedge)

The Real Cost of Social Media (Infographic) (Focus)

12 Places To Go If The World Goes To Hell (Business Insider)

Let’s stereotype all Europeans, shall we? (28 photos) (The Chive)


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