Links 5.26.11

20 Questions To Ask Anyone Foolish Enough To Believe The Economic Crisis Is Over (Economic Collapse Blog)

Europe’s Dispute on Crisis Intensifies (WSJ)

The Fed Behind The Greatest Fraud In History (International Forecaster)

Trichet Steadies the EURO For Now (Oanda)

China’s hidden debt (Macro Business)

Blood at Scene Becomes Pivotal for Strauss-Kahn Defense (Bloomberg)

Presenting DSK’s Brand New $14 Million Tribeca House Arrest Palace( Zero Hedge)

Euro Surges On News Chinese White Knight To Make Repeat Appearance, Attempt To Bail Out Europe For Second Time (Just As Unsuccessfully) (Zero Hedge)

Fukushima May Become Graveyard for Radioactive Waste From Crippled Plant (Bloomberg)

ECB “Basically Trapped” by “Horror Scenario” of Greek Default (Financial Sense)

Hyperinflation Nonsense in Multiple Places (Mish’s Global Econ. Analysis)

LinkedIn’s Road to IPO [Infographic] (TNW)

The 10 Best Places to Watch The Sunset Around The World – Planet Green (Discovery)


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