Links 7.7.11

Trichet Fights a War on Two Fronts (Bloomberg)

ECB to raise rates, play hardball on Greece (Reuters)

Euro may lose drive after expected ECB rate hike (Reuters)

ECB Could Hike Two Times This Year (CNBC)

Signals to Expect From ECB’s Trichet (WSJ)

Look away now: More bad news as mortgage interest rates rise (Joe)

The 18 Countries With the Greatest (and Fastest Growing) Risk of Default (The Atlantic)

ECB raises eurozone interest rates to 1.5% (BBC News)

ECB’s Press Release On Portuguese Rating Threshold Suspension Until Further Notice (Zero Hedge)

ECB Suspends Collateral Rules for Portuguese Debt, Hikes Rates .25; Trichet Says “No” to Selective Default, Market Yawns (Mish’s GETA)

Fear of Junk Status: Europe Seeks to Free Itself from Rating Agencies’ Grip (Spiegel)

China’s competitive advantage (Physorg)

Climate change will increase threat of war, Chris Huhne to warn (Guardian)

10 Ridiculous Earth & Moon Theories People Believe (ThumbPress)

Obama to Push for Wider Deal With G.O.P. on Deficit Cuts (NY Times)

Facebook, Skype: Facebook unveils video chat with Skype (LA Times)

Trichet Extends Hand to Portugal as ECB Raises Rates (WSJ)

The Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Never Going To End Until There Is A Major Global Financial Collapse (Economic Collapse Blog)

First and Always, Price (The Big Picture)

Google Maps For Android Now Lets You Download Maps For Offline Viewing (Hallelujah!) (TechCrunch)

Arizona dust storm is proof that I will never move to Arizona (Chive)


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