Euro, Aussie Dollar Start the Week Higher

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“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes

Good morning. The dollar is pulling back as risk trade returns – both AUDUSD and AUDJPY recovering some of last week’s losses. The euro is following but the gains remain modest so far. Here’s a bunch of charts to start the week:


A recovery is underway as optimism is driving the market higher at the moment. Well, I have a strong feeling that it’s the bears who are enjoying a recovery more than the bulls – since that would mean better levels to sell the euro. 1.3450 is the first level to look for new selling opportunities, followed by a stronger barrier higher, at 1.3650

Euro Vs US Dollar Chart 4hrs 11-28-2011Euro Vs US Dollar Chart 4hrs 11-28-2011


Aussie’s correction is stronger than euro’s but the cross is still trading far below key resistance levels – such as former support level around 77.50. Near term sentiment remains bearish as long as 80 is at a safe distance.

Australian Dollar Vs Japanese Yen Chart Daily 11-28-2011Australian Dollar Vs Japanese Yen Chart Daily 11-28-2011


Regular readers know I’ve been keeping an eye on recent support around 1.4250 – looking to sell on the breakdown. But, as said in my previous report, I was rather cautions because the CHF pairs were almost “screaming” for a new intervention or a new statement, hence SNB’s comments came at no surprise. New traders fascinated by the amount of computer numbers money exchanged every day in FX markets are often asking how much money does it take to move the markets. The answer is none…. all it takes is the right statement or rumors, coming from the right persons or institutions, at the right time. Knowing how sensitive to rumors and (more or less official) statements this market is should help you on the long run. But, speaking of GBPCHF – selling it is not a good idea right now, as resistance is under pressure, so I’m putting the bearish plan on-hold. Perhaps buying on the break higher is the best bet.

British Pound Vs Swiss Franc Chart 4hrs 11-28-2011British Pound Vs Swiss Franc Chart 4hrs 11-28-2011


1.0500 has been reached and a correction occurred. The pullback is rather normal, so I think it’s best to buy dips – perhaps a bit lower than current 1.0400: 1.0300-1.0350

US Dollar Vs Canadian Dollar Chart Daily 11-28-2011US Dollar Vs Canadian Dollar Chart Daily 11-28-2011


It looks that it’s time for a new large swing towards support zone around 1.32.

Euro Vs Australian Dollar Chart Daily 11-28-2011Euro Vs Australian Dollar Chart Daily 11-28-2011

Have a great week and good luck trading!


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