Dollar Pulls Back, Strong Uptrend Remains Intact

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“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” ~ Voltaire

Good morning. A fresh multi-month low has been reached by EUR against USD at $1.2665 before pulling back to $.12720 at time of writing. Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy meet today in Berlin to finalise a deal to increase fiscal coordination and discuss ways to boost growth in euro zone states in order to overcome the sovereign debt crisis.

USD Index

The dollar is trading comfortably in the 81 area after last week’s rally. Dips are likely to be well supported as more buyers are probably waiting to see bids in the 80.50-81.00 region.

USD Index Chart Daily 1-9-2012USD Index Chart Daily 1-9-2012


Seems that a minor correction is underway. First decent resistance zone is seen between 1.2850 and 1.29.

Euro Vs US Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-9-2012Euro Vs US Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-9-2012

Latest COT reports show record short EUR bias

EUR COT Daily 1-9-2012EUR COT Daily 1-9-2012


Things are getting uglier for AUD – the main risk barometer, as stocks declined despite a strong NFP number on Friday. Although the recovery is losing steam, there’s still a good chance that it is corrective, hence I wouldn’t sell right now but rather lower – on a potential break of 78 which is an interim support

Australian Dollar Chart Daily 1-9-2012Australian Dollar Chart Daily 1-9-2012


Dollar is pulling back after a strong rally, but uptrend remains intact – so it’s probably best to look for fresh buying opportunities while it holds above .9500

US Dollar Vs Swiss Franc Chart 4hrs 1-9-2012US Dollar Vs Swiss Franc Chart 4hrs 1-9-2012


I know it’s not the best idea to buy EUR nowadays, but AUD is more sensitive to risk so a break above 1.25 should be an easy ride if stocks are likely to decline more. Buying on the break above 1.2500 is a scenario to consider

Euro Vs Australian Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-9-2012Euro Vs Australian Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-9-2012


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