EUR Recovers, Resistance Under Pressure

Article originally published on and republished here with permission

“Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment.” ~ Rita Mae Brown

Good morning. I’ve been away with limited access to the internet for the past three days, but looking at current charts, I don’t seem to have missed much. However, things are likely to become interesting

USD Index

Dollar is pulling back from recent top, retesting support around 80.50. The decline is rather corrective and uptrend should remain intact while the dollar holds above a support cluster around the 78 handle.

USD Index Chart Daily 1-13-2012USD Index Chart Daily 1-13-2012


Those who’ve been waiting for an euro recovery are finally enjoying some relief as the single currency is pushing towards former support at $1.29, where we also have the downward trenline which is connecting recent lower highs, as seen below. Although I remain bearish on EUR and believe that selling on strength is still the best bet, I’d prefer to see the EUR higher from these levels. Meanwhile, buying on the potential break of 1.2900 is a plan to consider – but only if ready to join the bears on the very next selling opportunity.

Euro VS US Dollar Chart Daily 1-13-2012Euro VS US Dollar Chart Daily 1-13-2012

the recovery is easier to spot on the 4hrs chart

Euro VS US Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-13-2012Euro VS US Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-13-2012


The bull flag formation highlighted one week ago was valid and silver exited the range to the upside, breaking above 29.70-30 resistance. As seen in the recent trading sessions, support holds quite well, so holding long is a good plan

Silver Chart 4hrs 1-13-2012Silver Chart 4hrs 1-13-2012


Despite this week’s decline to 1.23, EUR made a strong come-back, returning in the 1.24-1.25 range. Intraday studies and 4hrs charts are now bullish, so I for one am expecting the recovery to continue, breaking above 1.25 eventually – as per my previous post.

Euro Vs Australian Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-13-2012Euro Vs Australian Dollar Chart 4hrs 1-13-2012


Another interesting setup is the AUDJPY, as it is still in range but pushing on the upside barrier. Buying on the break above 79.50-80 is tempting

Australian Dollar Vs Japanese Yen Chart Daily 1-13-2012Australian Dollar Vs Japanese Yen Chart Daily 1-13-2012


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