Dollar Loses Ground Ahead of Tomorrow’s NFP

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The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before. ~ Thorstein Veblen

Good morning. Dollar is back down retesting weekly bottom ahead of tomorrow’s NFP report.

USD Index

79.50 remains intact and provided a stable resistance point in the last 3 days. Judging by how things look now, I think there’s a good chance to test 78 soon

USD Index Chart Daily 2-2-2012USD Index Chart Daily 2-2-2012


Recent decline to 1.3025/50 was corrective and upside is back in focus, so it’s time to keep an eye on 1.32 once again. More upside is likely due to short-covering (EUR short contracts are at all-time record), risk appetite in other instruments/markets which are highly correlated to EURUSD and, of course, ongoing dollar weakness – even if it is corrective in nature – there’s more room

EURUSD Chart Daily 2-2-2012EURUSD Chart Daily 2-2-2012


Recovery continues after 33 was tested, hence bulls are back in control. First short-term support is now formed between 32.50 and 33, so there’s no reason to panic as long as silver maintains altitude above the said region

Silver Chart daily 2-2-2012Silver Chart daily 2-2-2012


I guess it’s time to expect the recovery to continue as AUD found support around 80.50. A strong NFP figure tomorrow would likely trigger a new rally to 83

AUDJPY chart Daily 2-2-2012AUDJPY chart Daily 2-2-2012


There’ve been couple of strong moves recently, all suggesting that a breakout above 1.5750 was just around the corner. 1.5750-1.5800 should provide support now, if cable pulls back from here.

GBPUSD Chart Daily 2-2-2012GBPUSD Chart Daily 2-2-2012


Given recent cable strength, EUR stand no chance against GBP, so I was wrong expecting it to hold onto gains above .8375/00. Maybe some other time…

EURGBP Chart Daily 2-2-2012EURGBP Chart Daily 2-2-2012


Recent breach of support at 1.29 looks valid and recovery attempts will probably face selling orders around the former support zone. I remain bearish on AUDNZD on a short-term basis

AUDNZD chart Daily 2-2-2012AUDNZD chart Daily 2-2-2012


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