• S&P 1347 level serving as resistance to reversal target  7 minutes ago
  • S&P trading toward reversal target in labored ascent  38 minutes ago
  • Business as usual in VIX land  about 1 hour ago
  • S&P stabilized after first reversal target completion and now trying to work higher  about 1 hour ago
  • Mid-Day Top 10 ETF scan  about 1 hour ago
  • Today’s Top 40  about 1 hour ago
  • S&P hits reversal target – that was quick  about 2 hours ago
  • S&P trading down to target  about 2 hours ago
  • H&S pattern on the intraday  about 3 hours ago
  • Dow/S&P give up first hour gains  about 3 hours ago



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