• Back under the neck  12 minutes ago
  • 10 Golden Rules  35 minutes ago
  • S&P Intraday – still trying to rally back…much like a snake whose head is already cut off but still trying to bite you  42 minutes ago
  • Mid-Day Top 10 ETF scan  about 1 hour ago
  • Today’s Top 40  about 1 hour ago
  • I must tell you, I’m not playing this reversal setup due to yesterday’s failure. Opting here to take a sideline approach instead  about 2 hours ago
  • S&P breaks neckline – reversal target near the 5 day moving average  about 2 hours ago
  • TVIX testing daily ATR – prior signals have been useful  about 2 hours ago
  • S&P Intraday – hanging at the neckline  about 2 hours ago



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