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Sentiment Check
  • Fears of slowdown fade as economy shows some muscle (Reuters)
  • Economic confidence climbs for fifth straight month (Gallup)
  • Stocks least loved since 1980s (Bloomberg)
  • Analyst pessimism continues (Bespoke)
  • The insiders are selling heavily (Mark Hulbert)
  • Money flows back into emerging markets (FT)
  • Itchy investors ramp up the risk (WSJ)
  • Risk aversion is particularly acute among Generation Y investors (Charles Sizemore)


  • Best performing stocks on earnings this season (Bespoke)
  • How about a portfolio hedge using a volatility ETN? (Gary Gordon)
  • You need to look at VXX as a trading vehicle (Adam Warner)
  • Checking up on Harry Browne’s performance (My Plan IQ)
  • Building a permanent ETF portfolio (Scott’s Investments)
  • Global X debuts first permanent ETF (ETFdb)
  • Testing the 20 month moving average system (iBankCoin)
  • MLPs are high-maintenance but worth the hassle (Jack Hough)
  • 2012 leveraged ETF performance (Bespoke)


  • How to become the CEO of your life (Guy Kawasaki)
  • The importance of knowing when to quit (Heidi Halvorson)
  • Sugar Ray’s survival skills (Men’s Journal)
  • 10 apps that make me more productive (Open)
  • Don’t let your technology control your life (Inc.)
  • 15 tips for a better work-life balance (WiseBread)
  • Prevention techniques to protect your most precious asset (Harry Newton)
  • How to get your best-ever workout on the slopes (Men’s Journal)
  • Top five regrets of the dying (Guardian)
  • How will people remember you long after you’ve found success? (Inc.)

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