Charts to End the Week 4/13/12

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Good morning. Stocks gained in the last two days, hence risk pairs are getting some relief and the dollar is weakening.

USD Index

Resistance around 80 stayed intact after a few tests and it seems that support at 79 is in focus

USD Index daily 4-13-2012

USD Index daily 4-13-2012


1.3150, a barrier I highlighted two days ago has been breached, so it’s not a bad idea to consider buying opportunities as long as EUR holds above that level

EURUSD Chart 4hrs 4-13-2012

EURUSD Chart 4hrs 4-13-2012


Support at 50% fib held and AUD recovered, but there’s an interim resistance in the 85.00 region. Between selling this pullback or waiting for a potential buy signal on the breach of 85, I prefer the 2nd option

AUDJPY Chart Daily 4-13-2012

AUDJPY Chart Daily 4-13-2012


Looks bullish while it holds onto gains above 1.5900/20

GBPUSD Chart 4hrs 4-13-2012

GBPUSD Chart 4hrs 4-13-2012


It seems there’s more room for this decline and potential rallies are likely to be sold, while 90 is intact

CHFJPY Chart Daily 4-13-2012

CHFJPY Chart Daily 4-13-2012


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